Rolling through South Dakota

Greetings from the “straight” roads of South Dakota.  The roads here do not follow the cowpath, as in Pennsylvania, they mainly go North & South, or East and West.   There are fields of lush green pastures with black and brown cattle that are speckled with baby calves.  Farmlands that are in the hundreds of acres, cornfields with Ringneck pheasants …. further down the road a little pond with a family of geese, the little ones swimming happily, not at all discouraged by the fog and the drizzling rain.

We have stayed at several campgrounds that are really nice.  It seems we are the early birds of the season because there are empty spaces in the RV parks we visited.  The last one, the owner looked kinda like Grizzly Adams… I almost asked him where his bear was.  He was telling us that he gave up farming to buy the campground (and stick home).  He owned 600 acres, and had to lease 3000 more just to make a living wage.  That is a lot of farming.  I think I would take the campground life too.  Actually, he offered us a job hosting….. he and his wife have been looking for a couple to work 24 hours a week and it would give us  a free week to stay there.  You have no idea how tempting that was, and it is information for the future.

There is not a lot more to share at this time, however, we did each find a sweatshirt at a super center.  We never dreamed it would be this cold.  We were aiming for Rapid City, SD, until we learned that they just had a half-foot of snow dumped on them yesterday!  Guess we will take our time for a day or two  until it warms up.

This note will be short, just wanted to keep up to date.  We are at the halfway point.  The folks we have met so far have been really helpful and super nice.  Glenn has managed to put the pedal to the metal, but stays  under the speed limit.    He has also managed to stay out of trouble …. no dumped tables, or chocolate disasters… we did buy and extra Tide pen..!

We are so looking forward to seeing the Crazy Horse Memorial… the people here seem very enthused about it.  If we have time, we may check out Mt. Rushmore.  It was a little disturbing to me that Mt.Rushmore is on the license plates..and there is no other choice.  Not that carving 4 white men’s faces in Black Hills of South Dakota isn’t a major accomplishment…. I just feel the Native Americans may have a different perspective.  If nothing else, it has to be one of the most ‘”politically incorrect” things that has been done. 

Back to the “Happy Trails”… will look forward to your thoughts and comments and emails.  Keep your head up and the wind at your back, and song in your heart!



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