The BIG House – The Little house – The 5th wheel!

THE BIG HOUSE – The Little House – The RV

Could you ever imagine yourself living in a doll house? As a little girl, I could see myself walking around in a tiny house…. with a tiny kitchen, washing dishes in a tiny sink, a tiny stove, sleeping in a pretty little bedroom and sitting in a tiny living room.

Now I am living in a little home… only it is called a 5th wheel. It has a wonderful kitchen with a little stove and a tiny freezer, a beautiful bedroom that is small until you expand the walls outward, a lovely living room with a fireplace that also can grow space outward if you need more room…… and…. It moves, when you hook it up to a strong Ford truck and put a handy (and handsome) husband with built-in directions, behind the wheel to move us about where-ever we could possibly want to go.

We have a “stick house” which is in a permanent place that doesn’t move. There is also a little stick house in a “senior” neighborhood that is for sale. We are trying to decide if we want to live in a house we can take with us, or stay in a stick house for part of the year, and live in a RV the rest of the year.

For all of the family members and friends who keep us in your prayers and wish us “happy trails”, and, to friends we have yet to meet, this blog is for you. It comes to you as a day by day story on the road as we head westward to move a daughter home…with the hope that we will have a better perspective of a full-time RV life.

The adventure began several weeks ago, when we were constantly struggling with all the tasks involved with getting the BIG house repairs done and the RV in prime traveling condition plus the normal “family stuff“. The “to do’s” kept us so dazed by constantly appearing like “pop-ups” on the computer that we finally wrote them down on the old blackboard in the kitchen. Before the list, the “to do’s” were like an airplane at La Guardia circling with no place to land…. it is amazing how fast things can get done when we get to cross them off !

May 6th, at 12:15 pm, we pulled out of  Montoursville, PA on the westward roads to Spokane, WA. I must admit that we were still loading the RV at 12:03. The day could not have been more beautiful. Our first rest stop was at Warrior Path on Bald Eagle Lake, where the Six Nations country met on Grand Island and then headed to Bald Eagle Mountain. How incredible that we have passed this beautiful site many times and never noticed the historic lands we were passing through.

The first night we stayed at a Super-Wal-Mart parking area near Kent, Ohio, after getting permission from the store manager. Recently, we learned that there are some towns across the nation that have passed ordinances against Wal-Mart providing hospitality to campers. Some towns have gone as far as incurring fines. So, we were happy to have free space to park our RV, and we felt pretty safe being there. The store manager’s only qualification was that we could not stay more than three nights….and he even said that with a smile.

Friday morning, May 7th, we awoke refreshed and ready to go. We noticed the kitchen table was wobbly, like the one we get at our favorite restaurant. However, the kitchen table is bolted to the floor and should have been unmovable. We didn’t have time to deal with it at breakfast, so we let it go. It wasn’t until later during a rest stop, I was in the bedroom looking for something, and heard the most awful CRASH…. !!! With my heart pounding, I turned and looked in the kitchen, there was Glenn and “The Table“. If you can picture a See-Saw with one end up and one end down. Glenn was hanging on to the “UP” end with his butt in the air. He had not let go of the “Down” end of the table and the basket that had been ON the table with all the pens, odds & ends, napkins, Glenn’s glasses and other notable items had been propelled up through the air dumping everything from one side of the kitchen to the other.

The table is now fixed. Which I will not go into, and Glenn is fine. So far, it has been the most exceptional happening… except for the truck mud flap incident. If you need an expert in mud flap repair….please don’t call Glenn.

We stopped at a nice woodsy campground with all the amenities in Van Wert, Ohio, just a few miles from Indiana. We decided to stop early, due to weather reports of severe storms and very hard winds. I made Taco wraps for dinner, as we listened to Country music which was routinely interrupted by NOAA warnings of severe thunderstorms and a tornado watches in Indiana, just about where we would have been had we gone further.

We know that “Papa” ( our affectionate name for God, as written in the book, The Shack ) is with us as we venture forth. He reassures us in our hearts that he is with you as well. God Bless you and keep you safe.



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